Featured Dining Attraction: RipTydz

It’s a hot summer’s day in Myrtle Beach. Your golf group decided it would be a good idea to play 36 holes. Well that 36 turned into 45 because Tom and Steve tied for the lowest total score of the day and wanted to settle it. You’re not going to sit back and watch so you decide to drag yourself through the pain. On the 43rd hole of the day Jim says “Where are we going to eat?” A couple suggestions get thrown out that aren’t good then you have a genius idea. “Let’s go to RipTydz!” you yell, and all of sudden you are looked at as a hero.

If you haven’t heard of RipTydz, it’s ok – it just got finished being built last summer. RiptydzRipTydz is a modern oceanfront dining and bar experience unlike any other place in Myrtle Beach. Located on 13th Ave North on Ocean Boulevard, RipTydz features multi-level dining and a rooftop bar.

Riptydz has a multitude of menus to choose from – whether you want to go and get a snack and a beer or go and get a full meal with your family and friends. If you decide to go and get a light meal and a drink, take a look at the Beach Side Starters menu. The starters menu includes crispy fried calamari, mahogany chicken tenders and wingtydz.

For your main course, you have a lot of different options to choose from. If you are in the mode for tacos check out the dockside tacos menu. That includes Baja steak tacos, rip’n shrimp tacos, and fish tacos. If you want a sandwich, take a look at the sunburn sammies menu. This menu includes old bay po boy, lobster rollz, and cheesesteak sandwich.

If you’re looking for a more traditional seafood experience check out Riptydz’s ocean favorites menu. This menu includes traditional seafood such as shrimp and grits, and a coastal fried platter which includes a variety of seafood and sauces. RipTydz has more than just seafood on the menu. Check out their mainland favorites menu which includes a hand cut ribeye, jerk style grilled chicken, and big island style ribs.

RipTydz also has an extensive drink menu with a large selection of beers on tap and specialty drinks. Along with its diverse drink and food menu, RipTydz also features live music on the weekends. If you haven’t visited this soon-to-be favorite evening attraction, do so during your next visit to Myrtle Beach!

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