Low Rates on Summer Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach

It is the middle of summer and the sun is beating down relentlessly. Take the opportunity to spend the cool outdoor mornings and evenings on some of best golf courses in Myrtle Beach. With Supersaver Golf Packages from MBGolf.com, you will not believe how far your money can go. Play the best golf courses Myrtle Beach has to offer like Azalea Sands and Carolina National.

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2008 Summer Family Golf Tournaments

Through August, several of Myrtle Beach’s world class golf courses will play host to family golf tournaments.  

The tournaments are set up with three divisions: Open Couples and Adult/Youth. A two person Captain’s Choice format along with the Callaway Handicapping System makes these tournaments great for the beginner golfer of any age.

The tournament series kicks off June 18 at Barefoot Resort’s The Dye Club and continues through August 20 at Arrowhead.

Book your Myrtle Beach accommodations and enjoy some family golf on Myrtle Beach’s Grand Strand.

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Tips for Beating the Heat

Summer is here and we are already experiencing high temperatures throughout the day. When you are playing your round of golf in Myrtle Beach, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Drink at least 32oz of water before you play or practice. Pre-hydration is one of the misunderstood parts of preparing for long-term exposure to the heat. If you fill your body with water before going out you will give your body something to sweat out. If you are not sweating, you are probably closed to the beginning stages of dehydration. Dehydration is a serious condition that can lead to death. Be careful and pre-hydrate your body with water.
2. Eat something solid about an hour before you play. An empty stomach will turn sour if you spend four hours out in the heat.
3. Drink at least 16oz of water for each nine holes of golf you play. More is better and you cannot put to much water in your system.
4. Wet a big towel and lay it across your neck. This will cool your entire body.
5. Post-hydrate after your round. Drink another 16oz of water or a sports drink. This will aid in cooling your body down quicker and get you in your comfort zone

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Barefoot Love Ranks #1 in Myrtle Beach

Golf Digest currently ranks the Barefoot Love golf course as the best course in Myrtle Beach. MBGolf.com has premium golf packages available that include rounds on Myrtle Beach’s top course. Book your Myrtle Beach golf vacation today!

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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations

It is well known that the Myrtle Beach area offers some of the country’s best golf courses. MBGolf.com has several great specials this summer at great discount prices! Whether you are interested in only scheduling Tee Times in Myrtle Beach or booking a custom package where you choose the course and your accommodations, MBGolf.com is your #1 choice for a Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

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