Enjoy a Golfing Getaway This Fall

Myrtle Beach golfThere is no better time to get away to play Myrtle Beach golf than this time of year. South Carolina boasts of warm weather all year long and Myrtle Beach is truly the perfect destination. There are many rentals available with lower off-season rates.

When you come to play Myrtle Beach golf you’ll have all the comforts of home plus even more when you stay in our rentals. They’re fully furnished and decorated with the utmost care. They have fully equipped kitchens and in many cases, your own private pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi. You can spend your days on the course and your nights taking in the local nightlife. How awesome is that!

In addition, you can enjoy Myrtle Beach golf at some of the most prestigious golf courses in the United States as well as other activities such as nature walks, shopping, water sports and fine dining. This makes for an ideal getaway to relax and de-stress while enjoying, the greens, the beach atmosphere and everything else the area has to offer.

Regardless of how long you’re staying, you will find our accommodations are close to the courses, restaurants and all the other amusements and attractions. You’ll never be at a loss for things to do and can stay as active as you’d like or just kick back and relax doing absolutely nothing. After all, it’s your getaway.

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Autumn Brings Great Discounts on Golf Packages

Myrtle Beach golf packagesNow that summer is well behind us and autumn has arrived prices on golf vacations and Myrtle Beach golf packages are substantially less. Once summer vacations are past and schools are back in session, you’ll find there are far less people on the courses as well.

If you enjoy the cool clear days of early autumn then you may want to consider one of our Myrtle Beach golf packages. Fall colors are arriving which will provide a beautiful backdrop on many courses. Mornings are occasionally cool but afternoons frequently warm into the 70’s which to many people is the perfect temperature in which to play golf.

In the Grand Strand area there are over 110 great golf courses. The Myrtle Beach resorts provide a great mix of Myrtle Beach golf packages that will challenge the best players.

Myrtle Beach golf packagesMyrtle Beach golf packages can be booked anytime but the best discounts will be available now. While in the northern states many courses are closed by mid or late October our courses in coastal South Carolina are open year round.

No matter where you live in the country you can find great discount golf vacations available as winter approaches. We have regular specials on Myrtle Beach golf packages and other deals on our website. You’ll also find contact information to book great late season golf vacations.

Some upcoming events in the surrounding area you won’t want to miss are:
Oct. 1  Big Bands Sound Festival at La Belle Amie Vineyard
Little River, SC
Oct. 1 Live Oak Arts & Music Festival,
 Old Horry County Court House, Conway, SC
Oct. 8  Shrimp and Jazz Festival,
 Waterfront at Little River, SC
Oct. 8  Oktoberfest at the Boardwalk, Myrtle Beach

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Try These Beginner Golf Tips

Myrtle Beach golfThere are millions of people that play and enjoy Myrtle Beach golf. If you’ve never played or you are a beginner (We all have to start at some point!) here are some beginner tips that could help you. These are the basic fundamentals when playing Myrtle Beach golf.

Don’t forget that golf is a sport and you have to treat it as such in order to get better. That way you will practice harder and get better in understanding the fundamentals of the sport.

Tip #1 Work on your balance when swinging the golf club. Make sure you are positioned like you should be. You will know when you have achieved your perfect balance as your body automatically feels comfortable every time you maintain that stance. Balance is the foundation of golf as every swing depends on it.

Tip #2 Practice. Practice. Practice. It will make you a better player and help the principles of golf to become second nature to you. Make sure you practice regularly.

Myrtle Beach golfTip #3 Take lessons with a pro. If you can’t do this then find a high tech store where they can analyze your swing and give you feedback on what you are doing wrong, along with what you could improve on.

Tip #4 Make sure to play at your level. Do not start playing with experienced golfers. Play against beginners like yourself and take it slow. You will get better, but it won’t happen tomorrow.

At Myrtle Beach Golf we have many different golf packages and different Golf Specials are going on all the time. Check our web site frequently.

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Choosing The Right Package For You

Myrtle Beach golf packagesAn easy way to find discount golf packages in Myrtle Beach is to visit during the off-season. Most golf clubs and resorts offer discounted Myrtle Beach golf packages during the off-season and increase the rates in peak season. So if you are looking for a golf break in South Carolina or somewhere else, ask about their season dates and plan your vacation accordingly.

Myrtle Beach, with its temperate climate, beautiful beaches and some major attractions is the Golf Capital of the U.S. We have some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country and the climate allows you to play all year-round. Even an avid golfer will find it difficult to take his or her eyes off the incredible scenic beauty of the surroundings. For the golf enthusiast, we offer some of the most superb Myrtle Beach golf packages in the area.

Myrtle Beach golf packagesWhen shopping around for the perfect Myrtle Beach golf packages, it is important to think about everything that you are going to need. If you need a car rental then make sure that the package includes that if at all possible. If you are in need of expert help on the course then make sure that the package will have that available for you as well. The idea of the package deals is that you are able to securely book anything and everything that you are going to need.

Resorts that cater to the vacationing golfer offer other amenities that help the golfer enjoy their non-playing time at the resort. Such features include beautiful and elegant guest rooms that allow the golfer to relax comfortably before his or her next round or luxurious spas and pools. Once the traveler has properly relaxed, they can enjoy a magnificent meal before one last round of golf before dark.

So what are you waiting for, go online and book your packages now!

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Fabulous Deals on Prime Time Specials

Myrtle Beach golfAutumn is an awesome time to visit the South Carolina coast to play Myrtle Beach golf either with your family, your best buddy or a whole group of best buddies. We have Prime Time Specials that offer a remarkable opportunity to play championship courses for fabulous prices that can’t be beat! Here’s just sampling for some current Specials we have on Myrtle Beach golf. Check our website for more!

Masters Specials
Courses include Arnold Palmers’ Kings North, Jack Nicklaus’ Long Bay, Aberdeen, Blackmoor, Litchfield, River Club, Southcreek at Myrtle Beach National, Tradition Club, Wachesaw East, Waterway Hills, Pawleys Plantation, TPC of Myrtle Beach, West Course at Myrtle Beach National, Wild Wing Avocet, and Willbrook.
Play 4 Rounds + 1 Free PM Round: As low as $299 (4 Nights) for Golf and Lodging. As low as $204 for Tee Times Only.
Play 6 Rounds + 1 Free PM Round: As low as $405 (6 Nights) for Golf and Lodging. As low as $276 for Tee Times Only.
*Per golfer, based on quad occupancy staying in a 2 Bdrm Barefoot Resort Golf Villa. Tax and departure maid service included.

Super Saver Specials
Courses include Azalea Sands, Beachwood, Black Bear, Brunswick Plantation, Carolina National, Carolina Shores, Crown Park, Cypress Bay, Heron Point, Indian Wells, Indigo Creek, Palmetto Greens, Pearl East & West, Possum Trot, River Oaks, Sandpiper Bay, Sea Trail Byrd, Sea Trail Maples, Valley at Eastport, Wicked Stick and Woodland Valley.
3 Nights / 3 Rounds: As low as $188 for Golf and Lodging. As low as $109 for Tee Times Only.
*Per golfer, based on quad occupancy staying in a 2 Bdrm Barefoot Resort Golf Villa. Tax and departure maid service included.

Par 4 Select
This elite group of courses includes Waterway Hills, Aberdeen Country Club, Myrtle Beach National South Creek and West Course, Litchfield Country Club, Wachesaw East, Blackmoor and Tradition Club.
4 Rounds/5 Nights: As low as $260(5 Nights) for Golf and Lodging. As low as $148 for Tee Times Only.
*Per golfer, based on quad occupancy staying in a 2 Bdrm Barefoot Resort Golf Villa. Tax and departure maid service included.

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This Gift Will Light Up Their Faces

Myrtle Beach golf packagesWhether it’s for your husband, your wife, your parents, or the new graduate we have the best present you could possibly give! Choose from among our many Myrtle Beach golf packages and watch their faces light up beyond recognition. Many people love to golf. That is why the best present you could give to anyone who loves golf, is a golf package. There are over 100 golf courses here to choose from and Myrtle Beach golf packages are available at each one.

There are a lot of Myrtle Beach golf packages that include the entire trip. Prices start extremely low for choosing a golf course with details like how many days of golf playing, number of players, any course you would like, difficulty of game, and then you choose between a beach house, ocean front condo, golf course villa or hotel room. Also, you will want to factor in whether they have their own golf equipment or need to rent. Some packages have rentals included in the prices so be sure to ask.

Some of these Myrtle Beach golf packages are just over the top because there are frequently great deals and specials based on when you’re coming. You can find an outstanding golf package that has everything that you are looking for from lodging to food choices, and golf course to amenities plus if you come on certain dates that are still open you can pay a much lower price. You can also compile your own golf package if you don’t see anything you like.

Call our professionals and we can help you pick the perfect present. Describe the situation, what the likes and dislikes are and then suggest some places you saw and liked. They will work with you to get the perfect package that everyone will be happy with. You can even have them put a gift or a birthday cake in the lodging room so when they arrive it will waiting.

All of the golf courses and lodging options available for our Myrtle Beach golf packages are undeniably gorgeous. Check us out today!

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Game needs improvement? Try golf school!

Myrtle Beach golfIf you want (or need) to improve your golf game a Myrtle Beach golf school is your best bet. A golf school is committed to improving your game and making you a better golfer. It’s the goal of the majority of the schools to teach you to become a better golfer. They will critique your stance, swing, and define issues that need to be corrected.

Here are some features you want to look for in a good Myrtle Beach golf school:

~ There should be no more than a 4 to 1 teaching ratio with 2 to 1 being something to look for and 1 to 1 being ideal.

~ The golf school’s pros should be teaching professionals that are experienced and highly qualified in the game of golf.

~ Your accommodations should be included in the price and their location on or near the golf course where you’re taught.

~ The golf school should offer a specific lesson plan for your swing. It should be tailored specifically for you.

~ There should be unlimited follow up via email or phone provided by the golf school.

Think of the Myrtle Beach golf school as a vacation so be sure the  accommodations and surrounding area fits well with your lifestyle off the course. Look for golf schools that provide unlimited golf after your teaching session is over. Check their website to see if there are testimonials posted from their previous students. The Internet is a great place to research the golf schools available in the area that meet your needs.

Price will obviously play a big part in your golf school of choice so be sure to set a budget before you start looking for a golf school. There’s a lot of competition between the Myrtle Beach golf schools for your attendance so expect them to cater to you when you call and inquire about their program. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any specials or if they provide seasonal discounts. If the golf school really wants your business then they’ll be willing to accommodate your golfing needs.

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Get the Most From a Stress-Free Vacation

Myrtle Beach golf packagesPlanning a vacation that incorporates one of our Myrtle Beach golf packages is as exciting as it gets. An ideal vacation can be yours with just a practical budget and few days off. Golf packages are a relaxing and fun way to spend a few days out of town and with all the information on the web, you’ll have your Myrtle Beach golf packages picked out before you even get here. A smart way to plan this trip is to purchase a package deal. This usually means your rounds, lodgings, cart fees, and taxes are all combined into one fee. It also means you have the courses and lodging available at one site and you will benefit in time and money saved by going with a package deal.

Golf is a relaxing and suitable sport for a stress-free vacation. We all probably know people who enjoy a game of golf to take their minds off things. Making a vacation out of the experience just makes perfect sense. Myrtle Beach fits the vacation profile because it is ocean front property full of some of the most sought after courses in the sport. Plus lodging puts you close to the night life so you can enjoy a meal or drink after a day of golf and get to experience everything else the area has to offer.

When putting together your Myrtle Beach golf packages, you will be provided with many different courses and lodging options. If you are given vacation time, maybe you will opt to spend longer than just a few days in South Carolina. There are a lot of 3-night-3-round deals available, but accommodations are always open for those with longer vacations in mind.

A great course and lodging combination for deals is the Indigo Creek, River Oaks, Heron Point, and Island Green golf courses with the Springmaid Beach Resort. The different courses will give players the opportunity to practice their swing over different types of courses. The accommodations are a vacation in themselves with two lazy rivers, miniature golf, fitness center, six pools, oceanfront view, and a restaurant right on-site.

Going to Myrtle Beach for a golf vacation is a great idea and purchasing one of our Myrtle Beach golf packages is the best way to get the most for your time and money.

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Best Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Some of the best golfing in the country and quite possibly in the world can be experienced in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With more than 100 different Myrtle Beach golf courses available to you, it can be difficult to decide which one to play first. Following are a few of the top Myrtle Beach golf courses from which you can decide.

Myrtle Beach golf The Prestwick Country Club provides deep sand bunkers across a natural dune filled field framed by native pine, oaks, and dogwood trees. It’s a scenic, upscale course related closely to its Scottish namesake. This course is designed by Pete Dye. He received a 4.5 star rating for the course from Golfer’s Digest for the naturally challenging terrain, and 50-acre lake sitting between the 9th and 18th holes. Prestwick Country Club also received the best hospitality award in 2006, for their stunning restaurant and club where you can unwind after a rewarding day of golf.

Indigo Creek is another exciting Myrtle Beach golf course just south of Myrtle Beach and away from the crowds. It boasts lakes, marshes, waste bunkers, and beautiful, vast greens. Course designer Willard Byrd chose the site for its scenic marsh, set in the “Grand Strand” low country plantations, and won “Best New Course” at its inception in 1990. Par is 72, but the braver ones may challenge “Golf Master Jim” who holds a 62 record on the course. The on-site club and restaurant offer a number of choices for a meal or a quick snack.

For stunning views and an enjoyable, player friendly experience, one would be hard pressed to find a Myrtle Beach golf course better designed than Sea Trail. Another Willard Byrd course, it is known best for wide easy fairways, dogleg holes, roll it on pitch, and an occasional sand bunker. Playing here also means you may use all three courses for one reduced rate, which, as any golfer knows, can make all the difference between what you can play and what you can’t. If you need to practice, there are driving ranges, putting greens, and a designated area to practice sand and chipping. The clubhouse is known for its full service restaurant and friendly staff, while the locker rooms offer showers and other amenities to get ready for a delicious meal at one of Myrtle Beach’s award winning restaurants.

Regardless of which course you choose, Myrtle Beach has enough varied and different choices to make your golf vacation as enjoyable or challenging as it can be!

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Golf Package Vacations

Golf Package vacationsPlanning a trip to Myrtle Beach with your buddies? Have your sights on a weekend getaway with the girls and want to do something to drive the guys crazy when you tell them? We have over 100+ championship golf courses in the area just waiting for your arrival. You’ll want to know about the Golf Package vacations we have, too. For a single rate your golfing and your condo accommodations will be covered.

Golf Package vacationsWe have many Golf Package vacations already configured but we also have a Build-Your-Own-Custom-Golf-Package. Many golfers prefer to put their own packages together. It’s very simple with our on-line booking system. Simply pick the courses you wish to play based on range categories: Economical, Mid-range, and Upper Level. Then choose the accommodations from either oceanfront condos or golf villas. It’s as simple as that!

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