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Sun City Cafe: The Grand Strand’s original spot for Myrtle-Mex cuisine

In the springtime, there’s something special about a really great taco or burrito or quesadilla paired with an ice-cold margarita after you play golf with Everyone knows there are tons of places in Myrtle Beach to get your Tex-Mex on, but there’s only one spot on the Strand serving up Myrtle-Mex food, and that’s Sun City Cafe. Make sure you check it out on your upcoming golf getaway!

Sun City Cafe is the No. 6-ranked restaurant in all of Myrtle Beach, according to its TripAdvisor page, and features one of the more unique ambiances you’ll find. The setting is intimate, laid back, fun and just plain cool. There’s funky art hanging on the walls as well as beads, flowers and other decorations dangling from the ceiling above.

The food at Sun City is just as spectacular as the vibe, with ginormous tacos, burritos and quesadillas made to order. Our idea of the perfect meal at Sun City? Start with the guacamole and taste the freshness for yourself. Then move on to an order of fish tacos (again, as fresh as they come) and get a Sun City quesadilla as well. It comes with chicken and spinach and is grilled until perfectly crispy on the outside, warm and delicious on the inside.

The food at Sun City Cafe is as good as there is anywhere on the Strand. But don’t just take our word for it, see what those who have eaten there recently have said on TripAdvisor:

“Let me just say, I will never make another trip to Myrtle Beach and not stop here … it’s an absolute must! Everything from the margarita, to the guac, to the shrimp & fish burrito were lights out.”

“This is my favorite local place to eat and I’m so glad this is in my hometown! If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Sun City is the place to go! Everything is made fresh and comes out hot and looking amazing.”

On your upcoming vacation, see for yourself why visitors and locals agree that Sun City Cafe is the one-and-only place for Myrtle-Mex grub.

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