Getting Back Into the Swing

Spring is likely the most favorite time of year for those loving golf to be out on the spectacular courses our area affords them. They arrive in droves from both the U.S. and Canada looking for the best golf packages and reserving their Myrtle Beach tee times.

Myrtle Beach tee timesWe look forward to their arrival and have our accommodations ready and waiting for new occupants. If you haven’t purchased your package yet take a look at what we have on our site where you can not only choose your package but also your accommodations and schedule your ideal Myrtle Beach tee times as well.

The beginning of the golf season is a good time to update your equipment with the newest technology if you’re due. Take the time to test some different clubs. Locate one of the many golf shops in the area that has demo clubs or attend a demo day near you to find the ideal equipment for you.

Myrtle Beach tee timesIf you’ve been lying dormant most of the winter be sure to do some easy stretching exercises before you start playing. Focus especially on your lower back, hips and shoulders. Before you leave home, take some time to start swinging your club in your backyard, garage, or anywhere you can safely practice your swing. Start with a short iron and make shorter swings, gradually building up to a maximum length and full speed swing. Swinging with a weighted club can also be helpful.

Everyone experiences a set back in their game when they stop playing for the winter. Don’t expect to come back playing at the same level you ended at. Spend most of your early season working on your short game.

Spend some of your practice time working on putting, too. Work on hitting putts that vary in both speed and break. Make putts similar to the ones you’ll expect to have on the course.

Keeping these tips in mind you should be back in the full swing of things in no time!

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