New Year’s Resolutions

If you’re like many people, you wait until New Year’s Eve to come up with some resolutions for the new year. Some years they stick — at least for awhile — but many fall by the wayside. While resolutions almost always revolve around being healthier, smarter, richer, we think this year they should be all about Myrtle Beach golf. The way we figure it, you’ll have all three of those covered when you step up your frequency of Myrtle Beach golf.

Myrtle Beach golfIt’s definitely healthy to be out walking the courses and playing golf in the fresh air a few times a week at least. Choosing among the many different golf packages we offer will save you a bundle of money, thus making you richer. We think that’s pretty darn smart.

So while others are struggling with making their new year’s resolutions and then keeping them, you’re already ahead of the game, so to speak. Furthermore we think you won’t have any trouble at all keeping this resolution either!

Make this one of the best years yet. One where you are not only getting healthier but improving your game and social skills as well. Set up a regular ongoing game with a few buddies and get healthy as a group. You’ll likely see us out there doing the same thing as well!

Happy New Year to your family from ours!

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