Should You Take Up the Sport of Golf?

If you’ve never been golfing but you’re toying with the idea of giving Myrtle Beach golf a try, we have some information that might help you with your decision to play as well as your understanding of why some people play. There are many different reasons why people agree to become Myrtle Beach golf newbies. Some do it to fit in socially with friends, family or coworkers while others have played since they were kids because it’s just what their friends did.

Myrtle Beach golfWhen you’re considering taking up golf as a sport or pastime it’s up to you to make the ultimate decision whether golf is fun for you or not. We recommend you get some instruction on the proper techniques for using the clubs and playing a game. You can probably borrow some clubs for this or invest in a beginner set if you think you’ll stick with it for at least a season or two.

Golf is more mental and less physical. It is a game of mental focus and strategy. You’ll use your mind, your senses and your ability to time and coordinate movements. You’ll learn to judge distances and correlate those distances with the amount of force to apply in your swing. At the same time, you must aim your swing and account for any factors that might change the direction of the ball, such as wind or rough terrain.

The sport of golf has the potential to be good low-impact exercise if you walk the course rather than ride a cart and especially if you carry your clubs rather than cart them. Then there’s the golf swing that utilizes muscles in your arms, shoulders, lower back and abdomen. All give you a pretty good workout.

Golf is a game of respect — for the rules and for other players. There are no “tackles” or “stealing”. Everyone takes their turn in an orderly fashion, and keeps an eye out on the location of other players at all times so as not to strike them with a club or hit them with a golf ball. All things considered, it remains primarily a civilized game that even children can learn to play with ease.

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