How to Plan a Golf Trip

One of the biggest advantages to booking your golf and accommodations through MB Golf is that you can book your own Myrtle Beach tee times right on our website from the comfort of your armchair. Furthermore, we also offer multi-round discounts on Myrtle Beach tee times.

Myrtle Beach tee timesNearly all avid golfers love the idea of going on a golf vacation. They live for the opportunity to improve their game. If there’s a course they haven’t tried they’re usually pretty anxious to get on it. South Carolina is the heartland for golf courses, especially the Myrtle Beach area. Here you’ll find many courses you’ll love no matter what your skill level.

Following are some six tips to remember to help you plan a golf vacation.

1. Planning early. Make your plans as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.

2. Research. Surf the web to gather as much information as you can about the area you’re going to, the courses available, and the accommodations that are there.

3. Can you afford it? Check the course fees and look for specials and discounts. Be aware that some places charge premium fees on weekends or holidays.

4. Package discounts? Find out if you can buy a golf package. Consolidating expenses will often result in a lower price overall.

5. Booking tee times. Book tee times at least a few weeks in advance of your arrival date if possible.

6. Payment and Cancellation Policies. Know up front how much your deposit is and when the balance is due. Understand the cancellation policy in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

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