Tips to Play Exceptional Golf This Year

Myrtle Beach golfSpring has nearly arrived and for those in cold weather regions, that means it’s time to pull the clubs out of storage and make your reservations for Myrtle Beach golf. While we’re sure your spirit for the game hasn’t diminished any over the winter season, you will need to work your way back into golf after your long hibernation. Luckily for you, we’ll give you some tips to play exceptional golf this year once you come out of hibernation.

Clean your grips with warm soapy water. Check to be sure they’re still in good condition and if you haven’t in awhile, maybe it’s time to replace them.

Begin stretching on a daily basis to get yourself limber enough to be ready to play Myrtle Beach golf once you’re back on the course. It’s always a good idea to continue stretching on a regular basis through the winter but we realize how easy it is to fall into bad habits, saying you’ll catch up in the spring. Well, now’s the time to catch up!

If you wanted to get new clubs, now would be an ideal time to do that. You can update to the newest technology and make a huge impact on your game.

Take the time while you’re shopping to have your golf swing analyzed. Imagine the surprise of your friends and family this year when you hit the Myrtle Beach golf course with the most outstanding game you’ve ever played in your life.

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