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Myrtle Beach golfWith so many Myrtle Beach golf options and packages, it helps to talk to someone a bit more knowledgeable on what’s available in the area. Before signing on for a particular package you should realize there are over 110 championship courses here, and countless options for Myrtle Beach golf and accommodations.

Golf packages are a great choice for stress-free planning, includes Myrtle Beach’s best courses, and any specific ones you wish to play. Accommodations can change by price and time of year, because they are not affiliated with any particular hotels. There are plenty of add-ons, such as rental equipment, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and more.

If that all sounds difficult to navigate, there are an equal number of golf only packages you may choose from, to make sure everyone has an opportunity to play on a world class green. Working with MB Golf to arrange your accommodations and Myrtle Beach golf options take the hassle out of your vacation.

We know your lodgings are as important to your trip as the golfing, and we can help set that up as well. With plenty to do in the area from visiting any of the 1,800 restaurants to all dinner theatre and watching the special holiday events going on, you’ll have plenty to stay busy with this season.

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