Main Street Connector Opening Soon in North Myrtle Beach

Let’s face it, traffic in Myrtle Beach can sometimes get a little hectic, especially in the busy summer months. Business and Bypass 17 are the main roads that are shared by tourists and residents. For many years, those who lived in Little River or North Myrtle Beach area and wanted to go to the south end had to take 17 all the way…which can be a long trip if you hit traffic and get stuck at all the lights! Highway 31 was built awhile back to alleviate some of the traffic and provide travelers with a much quicker way to get to the south end. The only problem, though, is that there are only a couple exits off 31 that connect over to 17 Bypass. So, travelers have to choose whether their destination is closer to the exit that comes out by the Myrtle Beach Mall or the northern exit that brings you to 17 bypass up in Cherry Grove. This new connector is about at the midpoint between the two, and comes out right at Main Street. All signs point to it being completed by August 31st. Hallelujah!

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